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Whack Your Ex

If you are done with your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to add a full stop forever, you do this, but there is something which is hunting you, you want to take revenge, you want to remove the anger which is within you but you find no way to get rid of this. Simply play whacks your ex online from this landed page. By playing the game, you get the chance to torture the partner in a way you want.

There is a great list of the cool stuff and tools which you can use to take down your ex. simply, press on any of the tool and the tool will give you the option to kill as you want.

Plays whack your ex online to Torture your Ex

The tools are for both, girls and boys; you need to find which suit you. There are tools which will be good to try on Girls to torture them badly, and some for boys.

We provide you the great list of such games, we have provided every genre game and you easily navigate to find the games you love.

Whack your ex-lets you get out all the anger, frustration and other things which are making you frustrated. These all things will make you feel happy and light-weighted.

There are other games Whack the computer or whack your boss, and you can get rid of the frustration like you do in Whack your EX.

You can use the mouse to play the whack your Ex online free, just press the items which you want to choose and do what you want to do to harm the Ex.

You need to play the game as we have provided you the game to play it online.

The game supports almost all browsers, if you find the game not being a load on your browser, you need to update flash player of your browser.