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Whack The Serial Killer

Picture this, you are walking around the neighborhood with your cute boyfriend and your dog, when suddenly a crazy serial killer takes you and your dog to torture you on a creepy basement full of bloody tools, but doesn’t notice you untied yourself free. What do you do? Of course, Whack The Serial Killer! In this gory point and click game you have to find all kinds of ways to kill the masked maniac, like an electric chair, an axe or just blow his twisted brains out with a shotgun. Think you can find all 14 ways to whack the serial killer? Let’s find out! Have fun!

Controls: Mouse

Whack the Creeps

You are stuck in a Swedish bar with some disgusting guys who now haunt you. Search the room for items to defend yourself, whereby each object has its own way of barbarous punishment for the nasty men. Try to find all ways to Whack the Creeps in the newest installment of popular whacking game. Much fun!

Controls: Mouse