Whack your teacher

Whack your teacher

You are a brilliant kid, always hit the nail right on the head and perform well in every exam. But, the way you perform somehow the teachers of you are jealous. They do not see you performing well and they humiliate you to let you down and dis-heart you to spoil your confidence. Then you got a chance to take all the revenge by playing the game whack your teacher, the game is inspired by the other games Whack your Ex, Whack your boss, whack your neighbor. Now, you can whack your teacher the way you have whacked your boss. The theme of the game is entirely same, you can use your mouse to pick some different objects and hunt your teachers down.

Do not whack your teacher

Do not whack your teacher game is designed by the Box ten and this is not like cartoon series of the game of the Doodie cartoons.

The game almost shares the similar features, like whack your boss and Whack your teacher with the Doodie developers.

In do not whack your teacher game your target is to find all the ways to do your teacher in.

You need to find all the 13 hidden objects which are in your teacher’s office. And if you could find all the 13 and complete the game successfully, you can make your teacher to not be whacked.

But, you got the limited to find all the objects in the game and there are only 30 minutes to do the task successfully completed.

The game expresses the different ways by using which the teacher can be punished and harmed. In this do not whack your teacher game, the different tools and features can be used to destroy the body of the teachers or can be pushed in front of the students and press against the windows to through him off of the windows.

Play the game online, we have given you the chance to freely play this. Tap on the play button and get the amusement to play the game.